Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Weekly | Links I'm Likin' (9)

Today, I need a break from work.  I want to go home, put on some PJs and watch endless episodes of Friends.  Who feels me?  Hopefully this gives you the break you need!  Oh, and here is another pretty picture from Moab!  Have a great week!

  1. I really really want this mug :)
  2. I really really want these napkins :)  I mean, mapkins.
  3. Surreal places to see before I die.  Hopefully I will have a life of travel some day.
  4. Hanger.  It happens to the best of us.
  5. I want this soup in my stomach, now!
  6. I'd like to think that I could do better, but I probably can't.  Sad face.
  7. Someone needs to prove to me that these images are not fake.  So crazy!
  8. Who knew?  Giant arrows that guide you across America.
  9. So cute, I can't handle it!!
  10. I recently bought this cookbook and I cannot say enough good things about it!!  I have made 5 recipes from it and all were amazing.  Like seriously, amazing.
  11. And finally, a great laugh.  Oh, what was life like before the internet again?

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