Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Weekly | Links I'm Likin' (10)

Today I found the love of my life - truffle gouda cheese.  The Thanksgiving mac n cheese recipe that I will be making revolves around this cheese and I am scared to find out how I will act around other people with whom I am supposed to share this dish.  Is it going to be like when people ask if we should all share sushi in a group larger than 2?  I sure hope not.  An anxiety rises within me that convinces my little brain that I will not get my fair share, or I will leave feeling cheated by the very people I love most.  Issues.  I have issues.  Anyway, here are some links.

  1. What if we always had Instagram?  Like even when the Mona Lisa was being created.
  2. This song is so damn catchy!  This is a great rendition.
  3. Get your family in line this holiday season.  Powerpoints help.
  4. Justin Beever.  Zach G.  YES.
  5. My dad cracks himself up, I can picture him pulling a few of these stunts :)
  6. These are the types of projects that I would love to do.  Unfortunately for me, they are also the types of projects that I start and never finish :(  Maybe this year can be different! I do really love the clock.
  7. These people need a big hug from life. Or maybe some bubble wrap.
  8. I felt so giddy while watching this, I couldn't stop smiling!!
  9. Just a good laugh, that is all.

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