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Some of my faves that inspire me:

Shutterbean - Daily inspiration.  This blog is so fun and I actually make a point to read her regular weekly posts!

Smitten Kitchen - I love Deb's candid writing and I have tried several of the recipes on this site.  They don't disappoint!

Sprouted Kitchen - Absolutely in love with the photography on this site.  It was one of the first blogs I started following and has made me want to do this more.  Beautiful writing as well.

Indigo Blooms Botanicals - I have gotten to know Laura, the founder of Indigo Blooms, pretty well since I ran into her at my local farmer's market this summer.  I love her products and she is one heck of a kind woman.  You can see some of my photos on her website!

Edible Perspective - This is a girl that I hope to get to know more.  We are from the same neck of the woods and I have really enjoyed watching her blog/career grow.

White On Rice Couple - You all know why I like this title :)  But seriously, I want their life:  Book/food tours around the WORLD, professional food photographers by trade, endless stories of playing with their dogs, gardening in their beautiful yard.  I'm in awe.

Spoon Fork Bacon - Party food central and great photos.  These are people who have fun doing what they do!

A Cozy Kitchen - I love this whimsical site.  I feel like I could really relate to this girl - her writing is so real.

Not Without Salt - Beautiful imagery and beautiful stories.

Adventures in Cooking - The images on this site, as well as the recipes, make me feel like sitting by a fireplace in a big sweater, with a glass of wine.  And I like that.

Lingered Upon - Alice at "Lingered Upon" has a beautiful photography style which is so simple and elegant.  Not a "food blog" per se, but some definite eye candy.  Mad respect for her story as a professional, too.

Two Peas and Their Pod - I enjoy following this cute little fam around.  Their recipes look delicious and super practical.  That's my favorite combination.

Indian Simmer - I one day want to have a party where I make all of the authentic deliciousness on this website.  I might not invite anyone else though.  More naan for me!

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