Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Lineup

Ok, I know this is supposed to be a "food blog" of sorts and I have not given you any Thanksgiving recipes.  And for good reason.  I freaking love Thanksgiving, and if I start making and eating Thanksgiving food well before the "big day" actually gets here, I am worried that 1) I will quickly be on a downhill spiral of eating "Thanksgiving style" for more than my (1) alloted day per year, and 2) that it will take the luster and excitement out of Thanksgiving when the day actually comes.  Thank goodness for the other food bloggers and recipe makers out there who don't have these superstitions and are fully committed to making nothing but Thanksgiving food for practically the entire month of November.  Otherwise, none of us would know what to make on Thursday.  So cheers to them!

What I will give you is a very simple list of what we have have planned to make, with photos to follow!  (I feel like such a bad blogger right now...sorry!)  What do you all have planned?

Truffle Mac - from Homeroom's Mac n Cheese cookbook, which I have already raved about.

Garlic Mashed Potatoes (I am going to try adapting a simple family favorite)
Pies (from my dad)
Turkey and a chuck roast that Denny is in charge of :)
Giada's Quinoa Salad with some adaptations, from one of my new favorite cookbooks.

Have a great Thanksgiving!!

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