Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Weekly | Links I'm Likin' (8)

Yesterday was Kora's 14th birthday!!  I always pictured her making it to 14.  It makes me so happy that she is still with us!  Tonight I am making her a birthday cake, or maybe birthday cupcakes, stay tuned.  For now, here are some links!!

  1. I'm sorry I make you cry on a weekly basis.  I can't help it!  Animals can be so awesome.
  2. I hope I can be an awesome parent someday!
  3. Musicians reading tweets of themselves.  Hilarious.
  4. This blows my mind on so many levels.  These photos are incredible.
  5. ELF!!  I can't believe it has been out for over 10 years.  I officially feel old.
  6. Oh Lady Gaga, you make it too easy.
  7. You either have to have a really good sense of humor to work at Starbucks or just be really bad at spelling.  Or both.
  8. I have always wanted bangs like this!  I have nightmares about looking like Tiffany cerca 1994 so I never get them.  Maybe after the wedding?
  9. Ok, that's it.  I need to get a donut pan.  Too many good donut recipes out there.
  10. See, too manyToo, too many.
  11. I always get a kick out of these.  Crazy architects.

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