Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sherpa's - You Never Cease to Amaze Me....

I just got back from my FAVE restaurant, Sherpa's.  Every few months I get to enjoy lunch here...usually meeting up with friends, or taking anyone who is visiting from out of town and up for trying something new!  Some people say "No way, Jose" to Indian/Nepalese/Himalayan food, but those who are willing to try it are never disappointed.

Besides the amazing food, this restaurant also has a cool vibe and a cool story.  It is in an old house in Boulder with a great outdoor patio.  The owner is an avid runner, and is also a sherpa for Mt. Everest (bad ass).  The waiters and chefs are also friends and family members of his, from Nepal.  The walls are lined with maps of the Himalayas and antique mountaineering gear.  Pretty cool (as Miley Cirus would say)

Today it was downpouring (in fact, it has been almost every day for the past couple of weeks now - So over it), so we didn't get to sit outside, but we did sit in one of the many small "rooms" on the first floor.

The picture below was taken on a much sunnier day.  It was a simpler time when happiness and warmth filled my heart.  I was also being a good girl and taking 1/2 home for leftovers.  Must have been a good self-control day, which today was NOT.

This is what I usually get, Aloo Gobi (SOO good).  Potatoes, cauliflower and peas with a tomato cream sauce.  Also, the naan is homemade and to die for!  All of this and a side of naan (4 pcs) for only $7!!  $6 with a student ID.  Another of the many reasons I love this place!

I'm not sure how this meal does on the healthy scale, but probably not too well considering I ate ALL of it and ate the entire side of naan, and had a chai.  But hey, I ate a light breakfast so that I could do so.  Plus I am way sore from all the working out I have been doing (no big deal...) so I felt I deserved it.  Whether I did or not is a different story.  Afterwards, my brother took me to see Bridesmaids - which I loved and is right up my alley! - so I feel I am truly enjoying my last week before work starts.  PS - I want every outfit that Kristen Wiig wore in that movie!

Tomorrow I get to meet with another long lost friend for lunch who, I am told, already got some great food from Whole Foods (automatically healthy right??).  Afterwards I will be taking some form of butt-lifting ballet at this place.  I have a pretty thorough dance background but never dabbled in ballet because I am a klutz and not graceful whatsoever.  This will be interesting!

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  1. Yum!~ I want to come eat @ this place w/ u and then tone my butt @ that ballet joint! Sounds AWESOME!