Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 1: Success

Day 1 of eating healthy and exercising was a success!  Kora and I went on a 4+ mile hike with some friends and their dog.  For an 11 year old dog, Kora rocked!  She often wanted me to go faster but was careful not to pull (most of the time!).  As promised, breakfast and lunch were great.

Breakfast:  Egg Whites with Avocado and Feta

3 egg whites, scrambled
1/2 avocado (some people say I eat too much avocado, nonsense.)
feta cheese crumbles

Lunch (this may be dinner also!):  Chicken Wraps w/ Hummus

1 chicken breast, seasoned with basil, seasoned pepper and garlic, baked
small flour tortillas
onions, chopped
lettuce, chopped
feta cheese crumbles (ok, maybe I eat too much feta cheese also)

Hummus is another fave of mine :)  Just plain, none of this 3 pepper jalapeno crap.

After all this hiking and eating, I have only had energy to lounge all day.  Although, this did give me time to research cute outfits that I want to get for my new job that starts in a week (yikes!).  I have a feeling all of these are expensive, so I may be making a trip to Forever 21 for some substitutes!


  1. I am now following The Tasty Artichoke and I am very excited about it. ;) Loving the wardrobe ideas for the new job!

    This is Rochonne by the way... In case you know a ton of Roxys.

  2. Woo hoo!!! Glad to see you on here :)

  3. Fun blog cuz! I enjoy!! You're inspiring me to stick to my stricter eating routine! IT's hard when my big, sexy, muscly boyfriend loves to pound ice cream and cookies constantly because it doesnt affect him. I swear he's trying to fatten me up. Oh, AND he eats cheese by the blocks (you 2 would get along.)

    If you want to exchange links let me know. (In the blogging world it's where i give you the link to my blog and you post it on here and I post a link to your blog on my page! Let me know!) xoxo

  4. I like this guy already! Maybe I can move out there and we can start a show called "The Real Cheese Addicts of New Jersey" We should totally exchange links. I have also thought about doing guest bloggers at some point.