Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Must-Haves!

Summer is my favorite time of the year.  The hot weather is here and I feel rejuvenated!!  During summer I feel like being active, being social and never letting my days go to waste.  Being from Southern California, I think I have been spoiled by growing up with weather like this almost every day, now it is hard for me to function in anything BUT sunny warmth.  Here are some things I feel are must-haves for a great summer, enjoy!

1 - I found this cocktail recipe and want to try it so bad!!  It's looks so summery and refreshing :)

2 - Everyone needs a grill...including me :)  BBQ's are the BEST in summer time.  Who wants to make donations to my "house fund" so that I will have a place to put my non-existent grill?
Can't make a donation?  Just invite me to your next bbq :)

3 - A veggie garden!!  Mine is apartment patio style, all in pots.  But so far I have tomatoes and bell peppers.  The herbs have died but I'll replace them soon :)

4 - Vacations are the best during the summer!  Of course an exotic beach would be the ultimate vacation, however I have seemed to go to places that are not known for their excellent weather the past couple of summers.  Still a vacation is a vacation and I love them.  This summer will be London and Paris!  Can't wait!

5 - A good concert.  One great thing about Colorado is Red Rocks and I try to catch a show there every summer.  This summer it will be Incubus!

6 - Bug spray.  Take it from me, mosquito bites are no fun :(  Maybe add some sunscreen for good measure!

Happy Summer!

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