Saturday, August 31, 2013

Simple Pleasures | Catching Up

I was recently back in LA, my old stomping grounds, for a friend's wedding.  It was different from the normal trip I make out there - where I either have my parents pick me up from the airport and spend my days with them, or I drive from Colorado to LA so that I will have a car to be able to see all the many people I want/need to see.  This trip was solely to hang out with some of the most important ladies in my life.  Most of the girls who will stand next to me on the "big day."  It was really an awesome 2 1/2 days that doesn't get to happen as much as it should!

I didn't get any pictures with the lovely bride that weekend, but you can trust she was stunning and threw one hell of a party :)

Here are some highlights from the weekend.

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