Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hello world!

It has been far too long since I updated this blog.  In all honesty, I didn't think anyone was reading it - that is, until I had 5 people approach in me in the last month about why I haven't done any recent blog posts.  That made me happy :)  So here I am with a new post!

So what have I been up to, you ask?
  • World travelling.  How do I make a ton of money and still have a decent schedule so that I can do this SEVERAL times/year??
  • Moving downtown - twice.  It's a long story, but I love living in Denver and have been having so much fun going to all of the restaurants and bars near my house!
  • Kidney stones.  This took up the last month of my summer and I am still bitter about it!  I spent a month laying in bed (when I wasn't forcing myself to go to work), highly medicated and eating saltines...don't be jealous :)
  • Turning 27.  Yikes, late 20's - didn't I just finish school?
  • Cooking cooking cooking.  Once I got better, that is.  I missed being able to eat good food and have gone a little crazy - probably time to get back to eating healthier!  And although the people at my work have enjoyed me bringing in muffins, cupcakes and pancakes each Friday, they would probably appreciate it if I picked up a healthier hobby.
  • Misc. working out to combat said unhealthy hobby
I'll try to get some pictures up soon of the yummy stuff I have been making (banana blueberry streusel muffins in particular!)

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